Sci-Fi / Drama

Grand Star

Grand Star, formerly known as Ice Corp., is an action-adventure sci fi series based on the saga by French novelist Georges J. Arnaud. At the end of the next century, the moon explodes turning the Earth into a frozen mass of ice. Billions die. The survivors carve out a new life living on trains and [...]

Psi Factor

Mysterious abductions. Plagues of mutated insects. Poltergeist attacks…PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal will change the way you perceive reality. A fearless team of investigators from the covert Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.) explore bizarre, top-secret cases. PSI FACTOR starred Dan Aykroyd, Matt Frewer and Michael Moriarty and was broadcast in over 145 [...]

The Outer Limits

An internationally successful sci fi anthology, The Outer Limits told tales of man’s exploration of new frontiers in technology, outer space and the human experience revealing our greatest hopes and darkest fears. Stories explored the… More consequences of such controversial and thought-provoking topics as genetic manipulation, alien visitation and life after death. James was the [...]

Summit Crescent

Founded in 1994, Summit Crescent provides development, writing, showrunning and Executive Producing services. more
My Opera


James Nadler Executive Producer, Summit Crescent