Oona On The Go

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Fourteen and fab, Oona is always late…but she always has an excellent explanation.

A half-hour live action comedy mixed with animation, Oona On The Go follows the fun and frazzled life of Oona – a girl with way too much on the go. Can Oona maneuver around her Type A SUV driving latte guzzling Alpha Mom who is never late? Can Oona bring her two best friends, Digby and Glynn, together to fulfill their romantic destiny? And what evil does her nemesis, Meg Lowenstein World’s Most Perfect Teen, have planned for Oona this week?

Every day, Oona is a gal with a mission — a mission she never quite completes. Like her Mom, Oona obsesses and can never let well enough alone. She over-thinks and over-plans. And like her Dad she is easily distracted — by bright shiny objects and string. So Oona never ends up exactly where and when she promised but has a great time and adventures along the way.

Oona is a star – in her own life. Why be on time when you can be fashionably late…in the latest fashions?

James created the series and wrote and directed the demo for this weird and wonky new tween comedy.

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James Nadler Executive Producer, Summit Crescent