Igor Strauss  and Mata Harry are 13 and doomed. They have been appointed to serve for life as Henchmen for the world’s next evil criminal mastermind, Prince Alexi Von Troubletzkoy (code name Alex, also 13).

Every generation has an evil criminal mastermind. For without great evil, can great good ever arise?  Today, Igor turns 13 and becomes a man.  Okay, a short, gawky, clumsy mini-man with a hump but with all the responsibilities of an adult. And in this generation…the next evil mastermind is…NOT Igor. It’s Alex — Igor’s nemesis at school.

Igor’s new mission: Become Alex’s best bud.  Take Alex’s orders.  Help execute Alex’s nefarious schemes. Avoid detection. Avoid death.  Avoid between meal snacks. Remember to floss after those between meal snacks.  Igor’s head swims.  It is soooooo complicated.

Henchmen explores the triumphs and tragedies of the unsung wingman, the used, abused but always loyal friend.

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