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Igor Strauss  and Mata Harry are 13 and doomed. They have been appointed to serve for life as Henchmen for the world’s next evil criminal mastermind, Prince Alexi Von Troubletzkoy (code name Alex, also 13). Every generation has an evil criminal mastermind. For without great evil, can great good ever arise?  Today, Igor turns 13 [...]

Oona On The Go

Fourteen and fab, Oona is always late…but she always has an outragous explanation.

The Drop

No brakes. No rules. Four college bound teens launch their own bike courier service. For Randy and crew it’s a summer of parties by the lake. Hot tracks and first loves. Adventure and heartbreak.  Maybe college can wait. Set in the world of bike counterculture, THE DROP is a mash up of romance, action and [...]


Three teens explore the twilight domain of Wyrdwood and decipher the mysteries of the creatures who lurk there, the Wyrds. On their adventures Emily, Connor and Matt uncover dark secrets and darker conspiracies. They fight off supernatural forces. And they will learn more about themselves than they ever expected. If they survive. A half hour [...]

Summit Crescent

Founded in 1994, Summit Crescent provides development, writing, showrunning and Executive Producing services. more
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James Nadler Executive Producer, Summit Crescent