Family Biz

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For Eli, Avalon and Veronique (Ronnie) Keller life is sweet. Three latchkey kids, they’ve made their house into the neighbourhood social hub. Their folks work long and hard at their careers and the Keller kids like it that way. Teen insanity rules!

But then their Dad is downsized. To pay the bills their Mom takes a promotion which means even more travel for her. And the Keller kids’ world will never be the same.

A self-proclaimed “corporate gunslinger,” Dave Keller now works from home out of his office in the attic. He issues the kids briefcases and business cards. They are now employees of the Keller Family Corporation, a going concern. Dave applies every rule he ever learned in the business world to the business of parenting. Will the Keller kids survive? Will Dave?

Too bad the kids can’t just fire Dad.

James created, Executive Produced and was the showrunner of this live action ‘tween comedy.


Family Biz shown on a flight

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