Prime Time

Friends & Enemies

Two childhood friends who became bitter enemies in high school discover they are now next-door neighbors. A multi-camera comedy, Friends & Enemies explores the charged relations and irrational competition between two young moms.  Can Olivia and Breanne ever escape their past?  Not until one of them admits defeat, breaks down and calls their realtor. Created [...]

Off the Grid

A young, successful venture capitalist disappears, goes completely off the grid leaving no electronic trace. He creates a new identity and life but his past, his fiancée, the people who claim to be his parents and hired killers pursue him. In order to escape and survive, he must return and confront every lie in his [...]


How do you win a rigged game? Thirteen teams of college students compete on the wildest scavenger hunt of all time. The Scavengers chase down bizarre artifacts with strange and dangerous powers. The winning team scores fame and fortune and are set for life…if they can stay in the game. And this is a game they [...]

The Advocate

Who defends the undefendable – the vampires, demons, mad scientists, the superhero who drops a mountain onto a supervillain and then faces lawsuits for collateral damage and the cost of hauling the villain’s rotting corpse away? The Advocate. Legal aid lawyer Iris Timmins is the last and best defense for bottom-feeding monsters, supervillains, illegal aliens, [...]

Summit Crescent

Founded in 1994, Summit Crescent provides development, writing, showrunning and Executive Producing services. more
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