Office Temps

Three ordinary people are hired to temp for a week at a downtown office. It’s just a temp job. Or is it? What the Office Temps don’t know is that the company is a fraud and their new boss and coworkers are actors…determined to drive the Temps crazy. From a hidden control room, every move is scripted and guided by the Writer and Director and captured by twenty-six hidden cameras. Like the Truman Show, the Office Temps find themselves in an artificial world they cannot control (just like any temp job). But each week, a talented group of “improvactors” take on different roles to turn the ‘office’ into a series of unpredictable and unbelievable scenarios and play fun gags on their new Temps. But will the Temps catch on? How will they react to this bizarre world of work? How far can someone be pushed for a paycheck? Each episode concludes with a major reveal in the control room, uncovering who was behind the Temps’ wonky week.

James co-developed, co-wrote and performed in this truly paranoid hidden camera reality series.

Summit Crescent

Founded in 1994, Summit Crescent provides development, writing, showrunning and Executive Producing services. more
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James Nadler Executive Producer, Summit Crescent